Hero, 2 of 4

hero 2

Hero (2 of 4), 2011,3.5"H x 4.5"W x 7.5"D, wood, latex and acrylic paint, plasti-dip, silicon, nail lacquer

$189.99 Spoken for

Taking inspiration from the hearty fare of Bushwick’s bodegas, Hero combines natural elements rom the fallen branches of Maria Hernandez Park with a variety of synthetic materials available at the local Hardware store, which caters more each day to Bushwick’s growing artist community, however slowly.  “Meat”, “cheese”, and “lettuce” for this hoagie were crafted from strips and slaps of paint and plasti-dip.  “Tomatoes” were carved from birch slices, and the “hero bread” itself was chainsaw carved.  Hero is a tribute to rising from the ashes, borne from branches deemed unfit by the New York Department of Parks and Recreation, and reflecting the grandeur of Bushwick’s prodigious Boar’s Head factory.